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Roller Shutters and Shopfronts

Kooner Shopfronts have been offering quality shopfront solutions for years. We have highly trained staff who provide the best services for our customers.

Automatic Entrance Door System

We offer whole wide range of automatic doors systems single leaf or double leaf siding or swings. All of our door system come with safety sensors.

Shop Fronts with 8.8 mm Laminated Safety Glass.

We offer aluminum and all glass shop front to suit the needs of the consumer. Aluminum shop fronts are known for its duration and strength. Aluminum shop front come in natural anodising or it can powered coated in any bsf or ral colour. We have two profile for aluminium shop front single or double glazed

Single glazed shop front glass thickness start from 6mm to 11mm and double glazed 24mm units.

Our all glass front shop come with 12mm tampered glass.

Aluminium Shop Fronts Manufacturing and Fitting (with 6.4 mm and 8.8 mm Laminated Safety Glass)

Versatile, traditional and economical, aluminium shop fronts offer a wide variety of window arrangements to suit every type of location. These provide you with the most colourful types of shop fronts. Aluminium shop fronts provide a light, strong and durable solution which allows for the most demanding designs to be achieved.

Glass (Toughned) Shop Front Manufacturing and Fitting

Glass shop fronts are also called frame-less shop fronts having 12mm toughened safety glass and frame-less glass doors can be installed with rails and patch fittings as come in a variety of finishes including powder coated, plated brass & stainless steel finishes and anodised. Standard handles are usually 'D' shaped back to back, 32mm diameter handles, 300mm in length. The standard finish is satin stainless steel. A wide range of alternative lengths, Shapes and colours are available on request.

Glass shop fronts are particularly suitable where a large range of products may be viewed by prospective customers, allows product and service display even when the shop is closed, ensuring maximum exposure of products where needed. This is particularly effective in areas such as estate agents, furniture show rooms, car show rooms etc.

Kooner Shop Fronts provides a quality fitting service with competitive pricing.

High Quality Manufacturing

Kooner Shop Fronts manufacture high quality custom built shutters. We have a high level of experience in this sector and have many customers who have been more than pleased with our work. In-house manufacturing ensures you get the best quality shop front fittings at a reasonable price. We have high levels of quality control ensuring all manufactured products leaving our workshops is of the best quality. Contact us now to find out more about our manufactured shop front fittings for your business.

Curtain Walling System

Curtain walling systems provides the perfect solution for the external cladding of any building capable of allowing in large amounts of natural light through large expanses of clear glass, creating a feeling of space and providing the perfect interface with the outside world whilst maintaining the safety, security and comfort levels of the buildings internal environment for the benefit of its occupants. We have curtain wall in 75 mm and 100 mm transom and mullions, with 22 mm and 28 mm platings.

Roller Shutters (Electric and Manual)

We have range of roller shutter to protect premises. Manual or automatic. Galvanised or powered coated.

We off for 3 type of roller shutter:

  • Solid which will have no visibility
  • Perforated will offer 30% of visibility
  • Punched which offers 55% of visibility

All also offer industrial roller shutter as well

Thermal Break and Non-Thermal Break Aluminium Windows (45 mm, 51 mm and 75 mm)

We have various range profile of the windows to suit the needs of the customer. We have profile which range from 45mm,51mm to 75mm.

Our windows can top hung or side hung.

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